Packing Solutions Pack Assist Units

If your product does not require hand packing but needs to be collated and loaded into a case for packaging, then you should consider using a pack assist unit. A pack assist unit is a more economical alternative to a fully automated process but will still reduce your labour costs and can improve your packing efficiency.

Best suited to products in cartons, the pack assist unit collates a group of cartons into a desired configuration and then inserts the collated stack into a case. An operator can then inspect the packed case before it is fed into the closer which accommodates your need for quality control.

The cases presented to the pack assist unit may be opened either by hand or by a case erector depending on your budget and requirements.

Features and Benefits:

  • Economical alternative to full automation
  • Ideal for products that require inspection before packing
  • Generally a 50% labour saving
  • Operated by one operator
  • Ideal for cartoned product
  • Can be integrated with a case erector to increase packing efficiency at any time
Pack assist units