Packing Solutions Hand Pack Tables

Sometimes it may still be desirable to pack a product into a tray or case by hand, for example, when you are packing irregular shaped or delicate products or when products require inspection before packing. Even in these situations, it is still possible to implement a degree of automation to improve production efficiency and save on labour costs.

A hand pack table presents product to an operator in a way that enables the operator to most efficiently pack the product into an opened case. Because packing still occurs by hand, hand pack tables are well suited to variable size products or lines that need flexibility.

Our hand pack tables will be tailored to suit your products to maximise production efficiency. In fact, a hand pack table can sometimes outperform an expensive automated case packer. A hand pack table can optionally be used in conjunction with a case erector to further increase efficiency.

Features and Benefits:

  • Generally a 30 – 40% labour saving
  • Ideal for products that require inspection before packing
  • Ideal for variable size products or lines that need flexibility
  • Can be integrated with a case erector for additional packing efficiency
Hand Pack Table